Sell My Business


BizLocal allows you to list your Business For Sale, get it in front of lot's of people and manage leads of persons interested in purchasing your business.


**All Advertising Packages are billed in USD and Recurring Auto Renew unless otherwise stated.
**Advertised Listings on BizLocal are non-refundable, however you may cancel future advertising
up to 5 days prior to next billing.
**6 Month Package is automatically promoted to Featured Listing and Updated once a week automatically.



Explain Featured and Updated

Featured Listings may be rotated on various pages of, including the home page. Additionally, Featured Listings have a prominent indication of their Featured Status among all listings on a search results page, quickly drawing the eye of a visitor to YOUR listing!
Updated Listings are those which have been modified by YOU, refreshing and updating the information. Potential buyers will often look for recently updated listings, to insure the listing is fresh, new, active or maybe has had a price change.
a.) By default, most newest creation date or updated date listings are displayed FIRST when using our search system. So, you want to be displayed in the top of the list, right?
b.) Featured 6 Month Packages will carry the Featured designation in search results, as well as have their Last Updated date auto-updated once a week, to keep you at the top of the stack!
Of course, you can update your listing at any time, providing more current data and pricing, which will update to the top!  

What is the minimum term?

We offer a 1 Month minimum term. Selling a business can take multiple months. Our 6 month package is the most cost effective package, locking in a great price for 6 months. That said, 1 Month is available.

Will my Ad Auto Renew?

Some of our packages are marked Free Trial and others Auto Renew. Those marked Auto Renew will automatically renew. You may cancel at any time, up to five days prior to an Auto Renew date.

Can I Stop an Advertisement?

Yes! You can cancel or stop an Advertisement at any time. Be aware that stopping an on-going advertisement must be done 5 days prior to next billing, to avoid billing in next cycle. 3 month, 6 month, 12 month and other discounted packages are discounted for the bulk advertising package purchase. While you may cancel at any time, if a refund on a discounted advertising package is requested, refunds will be based, prorated at the full public monthly pricing as the term for the discounted package is abandoned.

Does BizLocal take a Commission from the sale?

No. We provide an online Marketplace and Advertising Service. If you need a Broker, Consultant or other professional, you may do so. As for a your sale and a commission from it... no, our Advertised prices are pretty simple!

Is my Credit Card Info Safe?

BizLocal uses cutting edge encryption and security methods, throughout our site. Transmission of credit card details are handled securely and we do not store your credit card details on our server. If you choose an Auto Renewable package, your order and CC details are only stored securely by the Merchant Gateway and not on our servers.

How can I market my Advertisement?

Great question. Posting and Advertisement is the first, and most important step. While we engage in many forms of marketing, to drive visitors and buyers to our listings, your involvement can aid in finding a buyer faster! Your advertisement will receive it's own dedicated page and web address. This address can be shared on your Facebook, Twitter, LikedIn, Blog and more. In fact, we added several social sharing buttons on your Advertisement, so all you have to do is Click and Share! Your friends can also Click and Share, increasing your impressions and click throughs, ultimately seeking viable buyers!

What does Limited Free Trial include?

Our Limited Free Trial is a full page advertisment, with an image. It enables you to try-before-you-buy... test the waters. Your advertisment can go live, without payment or even a Credit Card!

Limitations are as follows: a.) the advertisement is valid for 30 days b.) you will have limited details on those inquiring on your listing c.) you may upgrade at any time.

Do you sell My Email or Contact Information?

No. Your contact information is private, period.

Can I edit my listing after it goes live?

Absolutely! Simply login and access your back office from the link in the top right corner of your screen. You will find a tab for My Listings and be able to edit or upgrade a listing, as well as import and export data.

How do I know the Effectiveness of BizLocal in showing My Ad?

I'm glad you asked! We actually track each time the Listing Card is displayed in our Pages and Search Results. These are impressions, with your ad among many others. Impressions are important, as they are the frist attempt to draw someone to your listing. When someone clicks on your Listing Card, they go directly to a Full Page Advertisement of YOURS! We consider this a CLICK or Live View! CTR is Click Through Ratio. That is a ratio of Impressions to actual Click Views of your advertisment. By determine the CTR, you can compare your effectiveness on BizLocal against other sites that may track such data. But, we do more. We track the IP and referring URL of those that actually click on and view your full page Advertisement. Thus, you can see if they came from Google, Facebook, or a particular search page on BizLocal. Sometimes, you can even determine the keyword they were looking for!